Sette Osteria

I’ve visited Sette Osteria a number of times over the past few months – for brunch, dinner and lunch. For me, Sette Osteria is not necessarily about a fine dining experience (there are very few truly good Italian restaurants in the DC area). It is more about a convenient, pleasant experience than anything else.

Cost – $$

Service – D
I initially graded the service out higher however last night when I visited the restaurant I had a miserable experience.  I was going to be dining with a group of four and I arrived with one other.  When I asked whether we could sit outside, the hostess curtly told us that we should wait until the entire group arrived before being seated.  When I responded that my friend was down the block (I had literally just talked with him) she shot back with, “This is our policy.”  The service got worse once we were seated as I’m 100% convinced our server had just taken the TGIF training course.  He kept interjecting himself into our conversation at inappropriate times, dropped plates on the table as though he were at a diner and spilled wine on my lap while trying to pour.  Just dreadful.

Food – C
I actually think the food is the weakest part of the experience at Sette Osteria. It’s not bad, it is just that there is nothing that really stands out on the menu – everything is just average.

Decor – B+
The decor is pretty solid. The interior has an energetic, busy feel and they get extra points for having ample outdoor seating.

Feel – B+

Sette seems to draw a pretty consistent crowd and I believe that has a great deal to do with its location and trendy ambiance more than anything on the menu. I think people go there to hang out and have a few drinks or dinner on a weekday evening. It provides a solid, steady experience in the Dupont area.

Sette Osteria is at 1666 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009.

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