For better or for worse, DC is a city of transients. To this day, people tend to drop their jaw and widen their eyes when I tell them that I was actually born and raised in the area. People are constantly in the process of moving both into and out of Washington, DC and as anyone who has gone through this process knows, it can be a real hassle. This past week, we had a chat with the folks behind Nest DC, a cool start-up that aims to make the transition a little bit easier.

So, give us the elevator pitch. What is Nest DC all about?

We’re all about experience!  Nest believes we’re all entitled to beautiful spaces: a place to call home and communities we feel connected to. Combining property management and design work lets us offer exceptional living experiences for modern dwellers.  We’re redefining an industry that has a well deserved bad reputation.  It’s a tall order but we love what we do.

How did you guys end up deciding to start Nest DC?

It’s a sweetheart story, really.  Jim and I were friends for 17 years when we began chatting up the idea after we both moved to DC from Tucson a few years apart. Really, with a good bottle of wine anything seems possible! We had both done property management on the side for years with our own portfolios but Jim’s primary focus was as a Landscape architect. I cut my teeth running non-profits but was secretly much more in love with my side work, remodeling houses. We both needed a change – the economy was in dire straights and we didn’t feel we had much to lose starting a service based business that combined our interests with a true need in this city. The formula fit and while we’re still growing – we don’t know that we could have planned it any better.

What types of people should consider Nest DC?

We love working with folks who love their homes.  Our design work and all the properties in our portfolio have one thing in common: style. Whether you’re settling in the suburbs or nesting in the center of the city, we think our company can customize that experience for you and make home life much more fabulous.

What is a typical customer experience like with Nest DC? W

e’re biased but we think Nest breaks the mold in DC.  We’re responsive, funny, we care about our tenants, and our clients.  We’ll work until you’re happy and we really do delight every detail. We’re also fine with drama so the middle of the night flood isn’t too bad either!

Can you give us a sense for how much your services cost? What is the price range a typical customer experience might run?

Costs range for us.  Our property management fees are in the 8% range but our design work really depends on what you want to do.  For relocation – our rates range from 400 – 800 depending.  We post those on our Web site.

What has the reception been like to Nest DC in the Washington, DC market?

DC seems really receptive to Nest.  High quality customer service that’s affordable isn’t a very common formula here but it’s our business value for sure. We’re also good at management projects that most people can’t even conceptualize – let alone learn about and take the time to focus on it. Folks in DC work hard – we can take some stress off their plates.

Do you have a favorite place to go out in DC?

If we tell you where we hang out, we won’t have a secret meetings spot anymore! We do love Taqueria Distrito Federale though – on 14th and Monroe. Great owner, great food, great neighborhood.

If people are interested in learning more about Nest DC what is the best way to follow-up?

Contact us and take a look at our site. We’re happy to see if Nest is a fit!

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