Italian Pizza Kitchen

Italian Pizza Kitchen is a small pizzeria located in the Van Ness / Tenleytown area that just opened up this past year (2007), at 4483 Connecticut Ave.  They have what I consider to be some of the best pizza in the DC area actually and I am A) A big pizza eater; and B) a long-time denizen of DC.  As a matter-of-fact I would consider myself to be the foremost expert on pizza in DC and I defy anyone to argue that.

Cost – $

Service – B
It isn’t bad.  The staff is fairly young and they do a lot of volume during weekday evenings but do a good job maintaining their composure and acting fairly polite.

Food – A
This place might have the best pizza in DC.  I like their pizza better than the pizza at 2 Amy’s, which everyone claims is the best pizza in D.

Decor – C
It is pretty spartan.  It is not filthy however, which is something I like in a pizzeria.

Feel – B
It is really a takeout place (even though there is seating) so people are constantly coming in and picking up food and then heading out.  That being said, they project old black-and-white films on the wall so that is sort of cool I guess.

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  1. Park City Real Estate October 15, 2009 at 5:44 am #

    I’ve been there last year and thought 2 Amy’s was a bit better (well, for my taste). It’s not a bad place though and I’d recommend a try to people who haven’t been there before.


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    […] Italian Pizza Kitchen – A relative newcomer to the area, Italian Pizza Kitchen is hidden away in the North Cleveland Park / Van Ness section of Northwest, DC.  It probably isn’t worth the trip up but if you happen to live in this area you definitely want to try it out. […]

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