Dean and I decided to get some culture a couple of weeks back so we headed to Artomatic. While at Artomatic I recall looking out the window and seeing the deck at Ibiza and thinking it would be cooler if we were over there. Dean was amenable so we dropped the feeble attempt at culture and headed next door to Ibiza.

I learned this in hindsight but the club’s opening night was hosted by Kim Kardashian. Associating your club with a girl whose claim to fame is having sex with a marginally famous rapper is definitely a statement of sorts and the experience of Ibiza was reflective of this.

Cost – $$$
I don’t know how this club gets away with charging more than $10 for marginal liquor but they do. I can only imagine the balance sheets at Ibiza by the end of the night.

Service – B
Much like other super clubs in DC, they place a premium on security and this means you will get frisked before entering. Personally I don’t like to start my nights off getting felt up by some dude but at least the security has some semblance of cordiality (something you don’t get at other super clubs like Love). Once you are in, the bartenders are pretty cool and cute.

Food – ?

Decor – B
The Ibiza Web site claims that when you walk in the doors you will “take a trip into a breathtaking world of elegance, beauty and excitement.” That it a bit of an exaggeration – the only thing breathtaking is the stench of cheap perfume and cologne that pervades the club. The place is absolutely huge but I have to admit they have done a pretty decent job designing and decorating the place. The upstairs patio is particularly cool.

Feel – C
I think for some, Ibiza is a pretty cool club but I am a grumpy middle-aged man and I don’t like super clubs nor the clientele that super clubs attract. As far as super clubs go, Ibiza is certainly a better place than Love. Just not my cup of tea.

Ibiza is located at 1222 First Street, NE. They can be reached at (888) IBIZADC

4 Responses to “Ibiza”

  1. Sarah August 12, 2008 at 3:46 pm #

    I don’t necessarily think you should be the one reviewing the DC nightclub scene if you claim to be a middle-ages grumpy man.

    I frequent Ibiza regularly. It is definitely THE place to be if you are into electronic dance music… as they bring world class DJs like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. They all play in the main room on Saturday nights.

    Also- the rooftop patio is amazing with a seperate DJ who plays house, techno, minimal, and tribal on Saturdays.

  2. Jiyan August 12, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    I was just joking. It was hyperbole. Anyway, thanks for chipping in your two-cents, Sarah. Maybe I should check the place out again.

  3. Aaron May 13, 2009 at 5:42 pm #

    Ibiza is definitely not worth the price of the drinks. There are much better places in the NW and the lines… One and done.


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