Globe Homes and Condos – An Absolutely Terrible Experience

This past week, I decided to take a trip to Los Angeles with two colleagues of mine, to work on a project in a nice environment. Our requirements were relatively simple: we wanted a quiet, nicely furnished place with high-speed Internet that could accommodate three people.

After submitting several inquiries on VRBO for properties around Los Angeles, I almost instantly received a response from a representative from Globe Homes and Condos named Fox Adams, who claimed that the VRBO-listed property was no longer available and pointed me in the direction of “Santa Monica Ocean Front Suite 4.” I reviewed the listing, which stated that the property was a “spacious” living space in a “fully restored” building with “wireless internet” and “high quality” furnishings for $432/night. The photos seemed to substantiate the claims made in the listing and we decided to book the place.

Big mistake.

The moment we walked in the door, my blood pressure started to rise as I observed the shabby, stained hardwood floors and aging furniture that adorned the small, claustrophobic property. Walking into the bedroom, I sat down on the “high quality” bed, which sagged and squeaked like a bed one would expect in a motel that charges by the hour. The final straw was when we all attempted to access the wireless connection, which blazed along at a speed that reminded me of the 56k modem I had in the early 90s.

It was already late, so we crashed out and left the moment we awoke the next day. I attempted to contact Fox and got his voicemail so I wrote him an e-mail explaining the situation. About an hour later, I received his response: “Unlike a hotel you are responsible for the dates you reserved with us. Please review your agreement with us for terms and conditions on a cancellation.”

I can only hope that others see this story and avoid Globe Home and Condos and any of the other properties they may be advertising. I can only assume that the terrible customer relations and product we experienced at Santa Monica Ocean Front Suite 4 is indicative of the company’s business practices and their other properties.

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