A couple of weekends ago, Dean, Kamari and I headed over to meet for brunch at Commissary – an Eatwell DC restaurant located directly next to another Eatwell DC venue, Logan Tavern. The venue is complimentary is certainly complimentary in some ways (a bit more casual) however the differences are not substantial and I wonder how much they are cannibalizing their own business by offering two relatively similar venues directly next to one another.

Cost – $$

Service – A-
General Manager Peter Eskra has a good team in place and it is evident in the quality of service you will receive at the venue, even when it is a bit slammed as was the case on the Saturday afternoon we visited. The hostess was courteous and friendly and after being seated it was only a few minutes until our waiter came by. What’s more, the attention was consistent and pleasant throughout the entire dining experience.

Food – B
We just had brunch food so there may not be much potential culinary range to truly judge the overall quality of the food at Commissary but I would definitely say it was good. It didn’t really jump out at me however it left me satisfied.

Decor – C+
Commissary has an Open City-esque feel to it and in fact I’d be hard pressed to define how Commissary is actually distinct from any of the other casual dining / coffee lounge venues in the city, aesthetically speaking (although design aesthetics is certainly not my forté). Then again, design aesthetics don’t really play a fundamental role in determining the success of these types of venues so maybe it doesn’t even matter.

Feel – B+
The burgeoning Logan Circle area is one of my favorite spots in DC. There is a vibrant energy in this area and a certain hipness to almost all of the new venues that are springing up within it. Commissary is no exception and almost certainly has to come up in conversations about good places to grab brunch in the Dupont / Logan Circle area.

Commissary is located at 1443 P Street NW. They can be reached at (202) 299-0018.

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  1. Michael Nelson January 1, 2009 at 5:42 pm #

    Everyonee working at Commissary must have had a fabulous New Year’s. The server looks like she hasn’t slept or showered and the cook seems to still have one eye closed. “Casual” is certainly the theme.

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