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Capitol Hill keeps giving me good reasons to leave my Northwest haven and head crosstown and when I heard about Locanda I decided it was time for me to once again risk getting lost (which always seems to happen when I drive into Capitol Hill) and make another trip to Southeast.  You see, the search […]

Cafe Bonaparte

Cafe Bonaparte is my new favorite place to hang out.  I first dropped in about a month back.  I was headed back into the city from Reagan airport when a friend called and told me he was hanging out over at Bonaparte.  I had heard of the restaurant/bar before and knew it was affiliated with […]

DC Noodles

The only thing that makes an Asian happier than rice is noodles.  Yesterday evening, a small group of friends including Dean and myself were wandering around in the U Street, looking for somewhere to eat that did not involve more than an hour-long wait and I remembered the U Street newcomer catching my eye from […]

Lebanese Taverna

I found myself in Woodley Park this past weekend looking for a place to grab brunch after I realized the wait at Open City was going to be in excess of an hour.  Walking up the street, I came across Lebanese Taverna.  Having eaten there several times before I figured it would be a good […]

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Two half smokes and chili cheese fries please. I wish I was the only one who wanted to place that order this Saturday afternoon but no such luck. The line at Ben’s Chili Bowl was 30+ deep and unfortunately, I didn’t have that much time to wait. But long lines are the norm for this […]

Peking Gourmet Inn

Over the past year or so I’ve been exploring more of Northern Virginia and it is has finally dawned on me that if your palette years for Eastern flavors then Virginia actually offers a much broader array of options than DC or Maryland.  This is not an easy thing to admit for someone who was […]

Redwood Restaurant and Bar

I grew up in Bethesda during the latter half of the 80s and early part of the 90s and can remember when it was a relatively quiet suburb of DC with a modest downtown area that contained a limited selection of restaurants and no bars (as far as I can remember). So it is funny […]

Yosaku Restaurant

I live in the Van Ness / Tenleytown area, which is a bit devoid of any nightlife of note.  There are however, a few restaurants in the area that offer a pretty good experience in a pinch and Yasaku is one of them. Cost – $$ Service – A– It’s fantastic.  They are always friendly […]

Rice Restaurant

With its rapid growth in the past several years, Logan Circle has begun to develop a laid-back yet cutting-edge identity that is fueled by the amalgamate of hipsters, artists and young professionals who frequent the venues in this area as well as the flurry of restaurants that have sprung up on and around the 14th […]


Most would generally agree that there is a dearth of fantastic Italian restaurants in the DC area. Ristorante Tosca is an exception to this rule and the Tosca management group have just launched Posto – a slightly more economical Italian dining experience in the heart of Logan Circle. Self-described as “a modern Italian place to […]