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Pines of Rome

When I moved back to the DC area (one of the many times I have returned after trying to leave) about five years ago I went on a date to a little place called Pines of Rome.  Two memorable things happened on this date: First, I saw Wolf Blitzer eating there.  The novelty of this […]


Baffetto’s is a no-frills pizza place in Adams Morgan located at 2005 18th St NW. Cost – $ Service – A Every single time I order from Baffetto’s, whether it’s in person or over the phone and regardless of hour, I get the same great service with a smile. Delivery is also very quick, sometimes […]

Italian Pizza Kitchen

Italian Pizza Kitchen is a small pizzeria located in the Van Ness / Tenleytown area that just opened up this past year (2007), at 4483 Connecticut Ave.  They have what I consider to be some of the best pizza in the DC area actually and I am A) A big pizza eater; and B) a […]

2 Amys

There is a cool little neighborhood in the Glover Park area on Wisconsin that lays claim to some popular DC-spots. Probably the most notable is 2 Amys, an Italian-style Pizzeria that has gained a reputation for having the best pizza in DC. They refer to themselves as a ‘Neapoloitan’ pizzeria and take that designation relatively […]

Vace Italian Deli

The majority of restaurant reviews on DC City Blog focus on hot new places that open up in the area – places worth our time and effort to write about.  Every so often however, there comes a takeout place that is so good it becomes DC City Blog-worthy. Vace is an Italian Deli and Pizzeria […]