Balance Gym

I first found out about Balance Gym about three years ago when I first moved back to the area. For the past two years I had been playing pick-up at the Municipal Gym in Balboa Park, San Diego, which has some great runs. I was looking for a place to go out and compete and managed to find Balance Gym.

Over the past three years I have been an ardent patron of Balance Gym because in my opinion, it simply has the best pick-up basketball in DC. There is a core group of guys that show up several types each week. The core group are all stand-up guys and the net effect is a run that is both competitive and fun. Rarely is a game put on intermission while two guys argue about a call (which you’re going to get at most outdoor courts in DC). Furthermore, there is no attitude from chumps who think they can ball (something I can’t say about LA Sports Club).

The guys who run the gym – Mark and Graham – do a great job managing the gym and it is one of the hidden gems in DC fitness.

Cost – $$
The price is reasonable considering you get full access to the court and their array of weights.

Service – A-
The guys who work there are always friendly and helpful.

Decor – B+
Despite the fact that it is hosted in an old church gym, they have done a great job refurbishing the place with newly finished hardwood floors and a great weight room.

Feel – A
It is one of my favorite places in DC, hands-down. I’m even hesitant to publish this review for fear that the word will get out and the place will become inundated.

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  1. Pickup Games February 11, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    Feel – A

    That’s all you need to decide when you are joining a gym =)


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