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Dickens, who arrived by stage coach wearing a beaver hat,

Because of digital technology>, “we are seeing color differently. Digital is creating new color,” said Leibovitz, who’d never before sat at computer to “develop” her pictures. Among other things, she learned to “desaturate” some of the color. The latest occupation began last weekend. The squatters, aged between about 20 and 35, breached a security […]

We walk around without connecting on purpose

cheap canada goose outlet It was the sword fighting. Yes, the pirate captain with bared steel, his cutlass gleaming in the Caribbean sun as it swished through the air and clanged resoundingly against the sword of Admiral Sir Basil St. Pother Frippingwell, the eminent yet secretly corrupt officer who strove in vain to bring the […]

(It’s important to include your business and business events

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DC Arts Center and The Black Artists of DC present the group exhibition: A/way Home in which artists examine the ideas and realities of “Home” including and beyond the concept of the dwelling or geographic place and time itself

DC Artists Alex Alexander, Carolyn Goodridge, Thomas Gomillion, J. Hubert Jackson, Esther Iverem, Magruder Murray, Chareles Sessoms, and Eugene Vango interpret their individual views of “Home” within their artwork. These artists contextualize and visualize feelings of alienation, settlement, dislocation as well as relocation due to historic forced removal, urban development, employment status, loss of familial […]

They also say that more transparency should make for a more

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