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We never picked on Mike, but we were able to pick on some of the others. And that’s what I miss. I don’t miss third and 15 in the Metrodome and we haven’t won a game there in eight years. The biggest onus will fall on pass rushers DeMarcus Ware (94), Von Miller (58) and […]

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Speaking of the latest trend, Hip hop fashion which is largely prevalent today is actually influenced by the Afro American style of dressing where hip hop originated, originally in the Southern Bronx. Earlier in 1980s, disco influenced outfits were a rage but it slowly began to fade and the focus shifted to the African inspired […]

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This is a great feature especially if your hands are full.The “gesture tailgate,” as Land Rover calls it, is standard on the base SE trim.21 seat configurationsYou want seating options? If you opt for the seven seat configuration, Discovery has tons of ’em. You can raise or lower each rear seat individually or as a […]